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May 20th, 2013 | Posted By: BMWW Admin | Posted in Think News

Baltimore, MD – Think Systems, Inc., today announced the release of Bare Knuckled Project Management: How to Succeed at Every Project, written by Tony Gruebl and Jeff Welch. Tony is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, professional project manager, and president of Think. Jeff is a technical executive and solutions architect, instructor, speaker, professional project manager, and advisor to the company.

There are lots of management philosophies that tell you that if you just follow a few simple rules, you’ll have perfect results. But it’s never that simple. As many as 70% of all projects undertaken by companies and organizations fail according to one well known study. Despite demanding certified project managers and adopting rigorous project management techniques, project success remains elusive.

The bare-knuckled approach to project management is the answer. Anybody can swing a bat, but that doesn’t mean anybody can be a major leaguer. It’s all about the person. It takes talent, temperament, training, experience, and aptitude to achieve greatness. Make no mistake, for great projects, you need a great project manager — someone who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to get the job done. You need a Bare-Knuckled Project Manager, someone not afraid to ruffle a few feathers, make hard decisions, and speak unpleasant truths to people who don’t always want to hear bad news.

Bare Knuckled Project Management: How to Succeed at Every Project, published by GamePlan Press, is available on

Contact: For additional information, please contact Tony Gruebl, president, at 443.725.5131 or Jeff Welch, advisor to Think at 410.780.0110 or John Hill, vice president of Business Development at 410.375.9424.

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