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January 27th, 2016 | Posted By: BMWW Admin | Posted in PM Underground

We Fix Busted IT Projects. bkpm-book

Think Systems and I take on BUSTED PROJECTS… expensive and embarrassing and frustrating for ALL involved. Top management shakes their heads, and just sigh when the next delay shows up…

You know the scenario – it happens far too often. If you haven’t yet experienced a project in complete collapse, sooner or later you will. And when it does happen, and the only option is to succeed, conventional business practices and standard project management approaches aren’t always up to the challenge.

The BKPM no-nonsense approach to getting the job done involves ruffling a few feathers, making some hard decisions, and speaking unpleasant truths to people who don’t always want to hear bad news. I think of it as taking a bare-knuckled approach to project management, and that’s what our book is all about.

You need to understand something. This isn’t a book of management platitudes, high-minded business practices, or a refinement of the standard project management materials taught in textbooks. It’s about practicality and efficiency — keep what works and get rid of the rest. It’s about what actually works in a wide variety of project types, project teams, and project owners. And it will make project failure a thing of the past.

You want a free, personalized copy of BKPM? I’ll send it to you. Just ping me.

john hill