Simplify Your Hiring Process – Get Better Candidates the FIRST Time!

May 9th, 2018 | Posted By: Think Admin | Posted in Think News

If you’re hiring project managers then you want to talk to Think Systems, Inc.  If you’d like to hear more about why Think is the right agency for all your IT Staffing needs, contact Jeremy LePosa at 716-870-0895 or Bryan Wolbert at 410-624-7216.  Simplify your Hiring Process with Better Candidates the First Time!

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0:04 Bryan Wolbert If you’re hiring project managers in Baltimore you definitely want to talk to us. Whether it’s contract or full-time employees you’re going to want to talk to think because project management is what we do, there’s nobody better in Baltimore area to help you hire project managers then Think. All the Project Managers that we submit to you will go through serious vetting with expert level project managers and technology leaders. If you’re interested to know a little bit more about how we make sure that you only get the best project managers from us I’d love to give you a look inside our vetting process and a little bit about why we’re different.