simple, direct and effective

Based on years of practical experience, Think’s project management approach is simple, direct, and effective.  It’s bare knuckled and we’re pretty good at Bare Knuckled Project Management; actually, we wrote the book on it!

There are two defining roles in our bare knuckled project management approach:  a Strategic Project Manager and a Tactical Project Manager.  While each of the roles have a specific and very different set of responsibilities, they are both crucially important to successfully execute any project.

What is a Strategic Project Manager?

Our Strategic Project Managers have a long-term perspective – achieving business results.  They do they by ensuring that projects are in alignment with the organization’s strategic mission and objectives.  Collaborating with key personnel, Strategic Project Managers are able to focus on projects that contribute to the overall success of the organization, not just a department.  The end result… tangible business value to the entire organization.

What is a Tactical Project Manager?

Our Tactical Project Managers are operationally focused, managing the day-to-day activities that contribute to the success of the project.  Unlike Strategic Project Managers, the Tactical Project Managers have short-term perspective, concentrating on specific project objectives, such as hitting deliverable and milestone dates.

BKPM isn’t another project management methodology; it’s a mindset.  A framework that is simple, direct, and effective, and a reliable way to gain and maintain control over both typical and highly complex projects, fast!  Our BKPM framework is comprised of a set of regimented principles and guidelines that will help you to think STRATEGICALLY and act TACTICALLY.

Areas of Bare Knuckled Project Management and Business Analysis specialization includes:

  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, especially budgeting, planning, reporting, and analysis systems built around OLAP and BI tools
  • Web‐based and Instructor‐led Training and Learning Management Systems
  • Analytical applications and Dashboards
  • Advanced Communications and process control systems and ERP
  • Standardized reporting applications, Data Warehouses and Data marts with a focus on the Microsoft SQL Server stack
  • Six Sigma project improvement and leadership
  • Interactive Website Development
  • Call Center Applications, including those with heavy database interaction and transactional capabilities
  • Significant experience in key industries including
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Oil/Gas, and on‐line learning

If you’d like to know about BKPM in greater detail, visit our What is BKPM? page, or take a look at the free stuff page to access some of the tools we use in our practice.

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