BKPM Boot Camps

20140815_BootCamp_croppedThink Systems specializes in developing high-performing project managers.  We have developed a methodology that re-trains project managers to think about projects differently.  When embraced, this drives organizational and personal changes in behavior that result in project management effectiveness. Effectiveness is the final measure of a successful project manager.



BKPM Boot Camp participants will:

  • Learn when, how and why to stay at their side of the three-sided table; develop time-slicing techniques that enable them to view projects from the different perspectives of this model.
  • Learn about their personal project management traits; identify their strengths and weaknesses in the context of project management.
  • Learn how to implement limbic learning to drive enduring changes in their project management behavior; the BKPM Boot Camp is merely a step in their journey.
  • Practice and learn about the proper use of PMO frameworks, tools, techniques and templates.
  • Develop critical decision-making skills that are specialized for project management.
  • Use BKPM principles and techniques to develop new options for action; don’t become stuck or fall behind on a project again.
  • Reframe project success criteria to focus on capturing value for your project sponsor; project constraints and correlating value run deeper than just the triple constraints (time, cost and scope).

Here’s a quick summary of what we do for clients who want to train-up their internal teams:

Call or email us learn more or explore our Boot Camp further here: What is the BKPM Boot Camp?

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