At Think Systems, we often give some of our best stuff away.  Sure it’s our intellectual property, but if you’d like to use it to better yourself, that’s OK with us. We want you to become truly effective and enjoy project successes like we do every day.  You may have seen us use these assets or have discussed these topics with us and wondered how you could get another look.  Here’s your chance.

BTW: If you’ve seen us use something that isn’t in here, remind us and we’ll do our best to make it available.

BKPM Pocket Guide

PocketGuideHandThis is some of really useful stuff that has been concentrated and formatted to fit most smart phones. This guide can be a handy reference when looking for a BKPM principle and/or technique.  We are working on revisions to produce a hard copy now, so any comments ( will be most appreciated.

BKPM Boot Camp Stuff

You may have heard about the BKPM Boot Camps we conduct to kick-start training.  Here’s a quick summary of what we do for both clients and our internal team.

Everyone asks for us to make our BKPM Boot Camp presentation deck available at the conclusion of our session together.  It’s no wonder, we cover a lot, so here it is!

How would you like to show someone one of the videos we use in our BKPM Boot Camp presentation?  We use the following short clips that have been annotated to provide metaphors or examples of BKPM principles and techniques in action:


BKPM Principles From the Best Thinkers

BKPM Tools and Job Aids


BKPM Blogs and Articles


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