Think was formed in 2004 as a provider of project management, process improvement, solution design, and software implementation and customization services and for large and small companies. What we really love to do is solve business problems and own difficult projects, particularly in the technology space. We provide Strategic and Tactical Project Management and PMO guidance, Business Analysis, and technical support as needed.

The company was founded by Tony Gruebl and Bill Webster and partners Bryan Wolbert and Valerie Smith.  Tony is a seasoned OLAP & BI application implementer and Six Sigma Master Black Belt who focuses on how to succeed in every project. Tony’s book, Bare Knuckled Project Management, explains how we do this.  Bryan is Executive Vice President and COO and brings 15 years of business analysis and project management capability. Valerie is Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer of Think where she manages the infrastructure of the company for our team while simultaneously running a large cornerstone project for one of our partners. Bill has a many years of experience designing OLAP and BI systems and data warehouses. He owns his own company but remains in very close partnership with Think.

The company’s official name, “Think Systems,” is derived from the practice of systematizing business methods, people, and their efforts in order to achieve successful software implementation outcomes. Really, that means that we architect and own the process to achieve the outcomes that our customers envision.

Every implementation requires paying special attention to the embedded business processes and new ones created by adopting new software and creating workable solutions. And, since we are usually engaged to own the project management process, we focus tirelessly on risk management. Properly managing risk in a changing environment and “thinking about systems” in this way, rather than just installing software or simply checking off project management tasks, has resulted in implementation success for our customers and business success for Think.