What we really love to do is solve business problems and own difficult projects, particularly in the technology space. Think provides Strategic and Tactical Project Management and PMO guidance, business analysis, technical support, recruiting services, and products for improving the performance of project management, based on our book Bare Knuckled Project Management; how to succeed at every project.

Tony Gruebl founded the company in 2004 with the help of Bill Webster and later added partners Bryan Wolbert, Valerie Smith, Ed Hale, and Jeff Welch.   Today, Tony, Bryan, and Jeff lead the business with the help of Ed, Think’s advisor and board member.

Think’s team is composed of the best, most effective managers, analysts, and technical experts that can be found. And, they are guided by a highly diverse and talented team of practice managers.  The company is organized by practice group and includes BKPM Consulting Services, Think Recruiting Services, and BKPM Product (emerging).  Together, we serve a broad client base in industries such as Financial Services, Education, Manufacturing and Distribution, Software Development, Legal and Regulatory, Business Intelligence, and Insurance, among others.

The company’s official name, “Think Systems,” comes from the practice of systematizing business methods, people, and their efforts in order to achieve successful project outcomes. Really, that means that we architect and own the process to achieve the outcomes that our customers envision.  Every implementation requires paying special attention to the embedded business processes and new ones created by adopting new software and creating workable solutions. And, since we are usually engaged to own the project management process, we focus tirelessly on risk management. Properly managing risk in a changing environment and “thinking about systems” in this way, rather than just installing software or simply checking off project management tasks, has resulted in implementation success for our customers and business success for Think.

Think maintains multiple offices in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  Our premier office is located in the heart of downtown at the Power Plant Live in the Spark facility.  Our quickly growing Think Recruiting Services team is headquartered there.  We hope you’ll have a chance to visit us soon.

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