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Bare Knuckled Project Management (BKPM) is a mindset for project management which encourages project managers to reframe their projects and their role to achieve more successful outcomes. According to the Standish Group, 31.1% of projects will be cancelled before completed and 52.7% of projects will cost 189% of their original estimates. Executives now accept this rate of failure as “normal.” BKPM-based performance is substantially better, using the principles applied by Think Systems.

BKPM performance is trainable and scalable for groups of project managers. Think provides Strategic and Tactical Project Managers to lead projects, coach internal team members, and train new hires in the methods and tools used. Think assesses existing PMOs using its proprietary node matrix and effectiveness evaluation to determine areas for substantial improvement to help companies achieve performance increases.

BKPM makes existing PMOs better and operations more effective. In some cases, teams of PMs using BKPM principles coalesce into organically derived BKPMOs which supplant existing ones. This occurs when the performance of the BKPM team is substantially better than the existing PMO, and critical projects are directed by executives away from the existing PMO and to the BKPM team. Our experience supports this assertion.

Think has a track record of helping our customers in the following business areas:

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