bridge mergeNow that you’ve acquired the target business, do you have the capability to execute the integration?

Mergers and acquisitions are exciting and challenging. Think has experience in managing the technical and human capital challenges you’re facing right now.  Here are a few examples:

  • Think was engaged to manage the technological merger of two organizations. A privately held financial software, data, and media company headquartered in New York acquired a legal research firm headquartered in Virginia. The original plan to fold the acquired company into a division of the parent failed and after 2 years, the plan was scrapped!  A new plan was devised to move all products, services, and staff to the acquired company with within 90 days! You can read the whole case study here, but Think took control and at the end, the CTO responsible said:

“Accelerated integration and your Rapid Control Process…For me, that was the secret sauce. Think came in and didn’t have a plan to take months coming up to speed.  Added value day one.”

  • Think was engaged by the CEO of an energy company to help his team take control of and accelerate their divestiture from a large power company, while merging with a comparable size company in the same space.  The CEO’s newly assembled executive team inventoried over 500 separate projects that needed to be done in short order, and their private equity parent required regular, detailed reporting on progress.   All of this needed to be accomplished with great precision and fast!  Think stepped in to quickly take control, triage, chunk, plan, and execute the management of this effort and then took on and “owned” several critical projects, resulting in a successful spinoff.  Here is the entire case study. The CEO of our client said that following about Think:

“We hired Think because we had to make some quick progress on the objectives in our newly independent and merged organization. Given the number of critical projects happening simultaneously, it made sense to bring them in to assess the situation, create a plan for execution, and identify and mitigate the risks involved. Once on board, Think immediately began breaking down our merger projects and attaching themselves to key personnel using their Rapid Control Process. Within two weeks they gained control of the projects and produced clear plans to meet our deadlines with resource allocation plans, vendor integration requirements and involvement, and a risk assessment breakdown that enabled the senior leadership team to have more visibility to the path of execution. Think also provided support and coaching as our own internal project owner managed one of the project plans while helping mitigate new risks, address conflicts and deliver the project. I would recommend Think Systems to any organization who needs to quickly get a handle on their projects and critical initiatives. They were certainly instrumental in helping us create a plan to support our merger and a framework to support future objectives/projects. We are truly grateful for their assistance.”

Let us help you

Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Executive Project Control Consulting is directed by our President, Tony Gruebl.  If you have a general inquiry please complete the form below, but, if you would like to discuss urgent challenges, feel free to contact Tony Gruebl directly at or at 410.235.3600 ext. 108.

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