simple, direct and effective

Think Systems’ project management is bare knuckled. It’s simple, direct, and effective, and based on years of practical experience. We’re pretty good at Bare Knuckled Project Management; actually, we wrote the book on it.

Whether it is a project rescue or routine technology implementations, we provide full lifecycle support, from early planning stages through project close. We’ll own your project and we focus on results.

We also love to teach others how to be bare knuckled in their projects. We are happy to tailor our knowledge to your company.

Areas of Bare Knuckled Project Management and Business Analysis specialization includes:

  • Business Analytics and Business Intelligence, especially budgeting, planning, reporting, and analysis systems built around OLAP and BI tools
  • Web‐based and Instructor‐led Training and Learning Management Systems
  • Analytical applications and Dashboards
  • Advanced Communications and process control systems and ERP
  • Standardized reporting applications, Data Warehouses and Data marts with a focus on the Microsoft SQL Server stack
  • Six Sigma project improvement and leadership
  • Interactive Website Development
  • Call Center Applications, including those with heavy database interaction and transactional capabilities
  • Significant experience in key industries including
  • Medical, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Oil/Gas, and on‐line learning

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