We hired Think because we had to make some quick progress on the objectives in our newly independent and merged organization. Given the number of critical projects happening simultaneously, it made sense to bring them in to assess the situation, create a plan for execution, and identify and mitigate the risks involved. Once on board, Think immediately began breaking down our merger projects and attaching themselves to key personnel using their Rapid Control Process. Within two weeks they gained control of the projects and produced clear plans to meet our deadlines with resource allocation plans, vendor integration requirements and involvement, and a risk assessment breakdown that enabled the senior leadership team to have more visibility to the path of execution. Think also provided support and coaching as our own internal project owner managed one of the project plans while helping mitigate new risks, address conflicts and deliver the project.

I would recommend Think Systems to any organization who needs to quickly get a handle on their projects and critical initiatives. They were certainly instrumental in helping us create a plan to support our merger and a framework to support future objectives/projects. We are truly grateful for their assistance.

John Horton
President, CPower Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland

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