• We hired Think because we had to make some quick progress on the objectives in our newly independent and merged organization. Given the number of critical projects happening simultaneously, it made sense to bring them in to assess the situation, create a plan for execution, and identify and mitigate the risks involved. Once on board, Think immediately began breaking down our merger projects and attaching themselves to key personnel using their Rapid Control Process. Within two weeks they gained control of the projects and produced clear plans to meet our deadlines with resource allocation plans, vendor integration requirements and involvement, and a risk assessment breakdown that enabled the senior leadership team to have more visibility to the path of execution. Think also provided support and coaching as our own internal project owner managed one of the project plans while helping mitigate new risks, address conflicts and deliver the project.

    I would recommend Think Systems to any organization who needs to quickly get a handle on their projects and critical initiatives. They were certainly instrumental in helping us create a plan to support our merger and a framework to support future objectives/projects. We are truly grateful for their assistance.

    John Horton
    President, CPower Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland
  • Think…was a critical, invaluable asset to me at Vangent. I took over a project that was, in theory, 40% complete when the client wanted to revamp the requirements and almost start over, but without additional schedule or funding. Tony’s insight and analysis helped us identify a significant portion of work accomplished that could be salvaged and modified to fit the new objectives, and then continued to stay on top of all details. Most importantly Tony will tell you “No” when an idea won’t work, but will also offer the alternative that still gets you where you need to be. Tony will always be on my short list of “go to” people for tough projects.

    Col. John E. O’Connor (USAF Ret.)
    former Vangent Project Manager, WBT Development for the US Air Force Squadron Officer College
  • I appreciated working with Think on developing our automated (OLAP) reporting solution. You and your team are so professional, so responsive, so attentive to detail…it really was a pleasure. I knew I could count on Think to deliver, and you didn’t let me down. Looking forward to working with you again soon.

    Gretchen Porkert
    Director, Product Development, OLAP Reporting Solution
  • Think is my go-to company when I need to build a team of business Intelligence specialists to support high-risk projects with high-impact deliverables and senior executive visibility. They provided the perfect combination of technical expertise, bare knuckled project management, and business analyst capability to get our very large, multi-year health care compliance and business Intelligence project off the ground and running solidly. Using sound and thorough business analysis and aggressive risk management techniques, they have kept the project moving forward consistently while keeping risk in check. Their competence in the SQL stack and SSIS is solid and their technical creativity is the best that I’ve seen in the industry.

    David Belgard
    former Manager - Business Intelligence, CareFirst of Maryland, Inc., SSIS Extract Framework and Extract Development
  • Understanding that over 50% of all BI projects fail because of missed deadlines and vendor and resource issues, we reached out to Think Systems for an honest assessment of our project’s risks. Immediately, Think took ownership of the project as if we had hired a new COO just for this deliverable! What impressed me the most about this team was that they were more concerned about making the best decisions for our project rather than maximizing their own revenue. They talked honestly with us about risks, proposed decisive actions to move the project forward, and executed exactly as they said they would. With their help, we are proud of the product we delivered, and our business customers are finally getting the valuable data that they need, presented in a meaningful way.

    Matt Belardi
    Education Affiliates, Inc., Director of Business Information Systems, Project Management Services For Cognos Report Development
  • Think managed multiple projects for me at Vangent-HCM, including initiatives for key clients including AT&T, Bank of America, Guy Carpenter, and Verizon Wireless. These projects included multiple deliverables including design and development of assessments, facilitated learning, web based training and electronic performance support. The projects in many cases had very tight budgets, challenging politics and aggressive timelines. In each case, I could sleep well with Think at the helm and in most cases the projects were delivered on-time and under budget.

    I would recommend Think highly for any project requiring a senior level project manager who is capable of working at a C-Level and also able to perform all of the blocking and tackling required to pull off highly complex projects with success. The fact that Think has been working with Vangent-HCM repeatedly over the years is a testament to their professionalism and ability to execute.

    Colin Cohen
    former account director, Vangent, Inc.

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