Two Baltimore City Companies Partner to Take-on Cyber Risk

February 4th, 2016 | Posted By: BMWW Admin | Posted in Think News

Baltimore, MD – Think Systems ( and PivotPoint Risk Analytics ( have teamed up to provide a combined offering to companies who are serious about addressing cyber risk.

Think has become an authorized reseller of PivotPoint’s CyVaR, a new cyber risk analysis application that analyzes a company’s risks in terms of their financial impact.  Think provides information technology expertise and executive project control, something they call Bare Knuckled Project Management (BKPM).  Now, company executives can see their cyber risk as potential financial impacts on their business, prioritize risk mitigation activities, and immediately have Think take control of implementing those solutions.  The line between cyber risk awareness and corrective action has never been more direct for business executives.


“I’m hearing from Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) that they need to be able to talk to executives in financial terms, not cyber lingo. They want more than their opinion when raising the specter of a cyber breach; otherwise they sound like alarmists.  CyVaR addresses both of these needs.” – John Hill, Vice President of Business Development of Think

The one-two punch of CyVaR’s cyber risk analytics and Think’s Bare-Knuckled Project Management provides executives with a new way to prioritize cyber risk and do something about it.  “We work with CISOs, CIOs, and CTOs and have seen first-hand how difficult it is to develop security and IT plans that work together.  The quick-wins that come out of CyVaR analysis provide our clients with exactly what they should focus on next.  Sometimes it can still seem like a lot of work, but that’s why we are here, to help them break-down solutions into actionable plans and then execute.” – Jeff Welch, Vice President of Product Development of Think

Think offers the CyVaR Quick Start program to companies to demonstrate how well this application can rapidly help them gain control of the potential financial impacts that cyber security can have on their business.  The Program provides consulting and a 90-day product license for a minimal fee.  The goal is to develop a baseline and scenarios where mitigation plans are evaluated to see how they bring down cyber risk.  CyVaR is very intuitive and leverages the SANS Top 20.

CyVaR was recently featured in MarketWatch and has been getting attention.  What makes CyVaR different is that the cyber analysis engine is built to run simulated attacks on a company’s tech profile and report cyber risk in terms of dollars.  Success probabilities are calculated and value-at-risk calculations are run to determine financial exposure levels.  “Our cyber risk model has been around for years and is constantly revised with new threat knowledge; our analysis simulation runs millions of attacks from multiple vectors on company profiles that are loaded into CyVaR; and VaR calculations are a well-established method for calculating financial risk. How accurate do you need to be to develop an order of magnitude financial risk profile and prioritize how you should allocate your cyber security budget?  These aren’t decisions for accountants; these are decisions made by executives.” Gerald Caponera, VP Sales, PivotPoint Risk Analytics.

CyVaR is currently being used by CISOs, CFOs and Board Members, and cyber insurance providers who want to understand not only cyber risk, but how it can impact a company from a financial perspective.

For more information on CyVaR and Think’s authorized reseller options, contact John Hill ( or 410.624.7219) or Jeff Welch ( or 410.960.4930).

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