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Bare Knuckled Project Management: How to Succeed at Every Project

Based on years of practical experience, Think’s project management approach is simple, direct, and effective. It’s bare knuckled and we’re darn good at it. Actually, we wrote the book on it!

What is BKPM?

In a word, control. Bare Knuckled Project Management is first and foremost a mindset; a learned, limbic nol y-conditioned, level of effectiveness that provides reliable options for action even when rational decision-making goes out the window.  It is a framework for explaining how to achieve and maintain control over both typical and highly complex projects. It works because we recast the role of a project manager and adhere to a set of guiding principles that we use to reframe how we view and manage projects. It endures because we systematically alter the instinctive responses of project managers to be effective in the face of project wild-cards like stress and data overload.  BKPM leverages the knowledge and techniques of traditional project management, like those found in PMBOK (PMI’s Project Management Body of Knowledge), but does so with a bias toward control and momentum vs. process. BKPM works in Agile and Waterfall projects. It does so because it is a new way to think about projects, not a project management process.

Something Big is Coming…

Something that will fundamentally change how project management is viewed in its “validity” as a profession. An increasing number of project managers are about to be elevated to operate as an extension of senior executives. Can you adopt executive vision and find ways to defeat obstacles, tear down barriers, organize divergent teams and exercise control over the processes necessary to get things done? For the first time, executives are beginning to indicate that high quality project managers are as important, if not more, than technology and information security professionals. They have noticed that there is a vacuum of project managers who are highly effective; those who can adapt to maintain effectiveness independent of culture. Now is the time for all project managers to take control. Take control of your projects; take control of your career; take control of your development. Simply take control… and change your destiny.

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