BKPM Maturity Assessment Findings

The following tables and diagrams provide a summary-level view of the data and findings that we have compiled for a client that rapidly implements network technology to replace or upgrade their client’s infrastructure.

This table contains an organization’s specific fingerprint, represented in a 2-dimensional table.  In this table, nodes are:

  • grouped by their operational importance to your organization;
  • ordered by criticality to operations (the colored heat map);
  • assigned a level of effort expended during the typical operations of your projects; and
  • assessed for a level of maturity (subjective – based on Think’s experience). Maturity is a measure of, “are you doing what you need to be doing, given your current operational configuration, or are their opportunities for improvement.  Note: it is possible to be too mature.  Tertiary, high-effort, low-criticality, high-maturity nodes would indicate in-efficient operations.


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