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Training-companies-no-longer-choose-between-elearning-and-face-session-300x225For the last 12 years, Think  has accumulated over 50,000 hours of Learning Content Project Management experience!

Jeff Welch was Pearson’s chief learning & development architect and Tony Gruebl and Bryan Wolbert ran major projects for Pearson, Vangent, and many other Learning and Development companies.  In fact, Learning Solutions has been a substantial component of our development and growth as a firm.   Here are just a few of the things that we have worked on:

  • The development of 60 plus courses annually for one of the largest Oil and Gas companies in the world, focused on documenting their institutional knowledge related to drilling, safety, and geology. We ran this program for over three years as an outsourced PMO.
  • Served as special forces project managers on difficult, client facing learning and development projects for key customers in Banking, Telecommunications, and Pharmaceuticals.
  • Helped one of our major partners land a contract with the USAF to create a Masters Degree in Applied Leadership for Officers.  When the program was jeopardized by internal team, we stepped back in, took control, and wrote our book, Bare Knuckled Project Management, about the experience.
  • Even the Royal Saudi Air Force needed help!  As a project manager for our partner, we helped the Saudi AF Command Control and Communications upgrade 1,200 courses and install over a dozen Classroom 21, super high-tech learning environments in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
  • When a friend’s non profit company won a major, multi million dollar award to upgrade and overhaul the common core content used in modern  k-12 education, we stepped in to run the program which has now spread to all 50 states.

Books_Unsplash_Aleksi TappuraTo read about our experience in detail, see the following case studies:

Our L&D Partners have said some nice things about us…

“Tony’s insight and analysis helped us identify a significant portion of work accomplished that could be salvaged and modified to fit the new objectives, and then continued to stay on top of all details. Most importantly Tony will tell you “No” when an idea won’t work, but will also offer the alternative that still gets you where you need to be.”

Col. John E. O’Connor (USAF Ret.), former Vangent Project Manager

“Tony managed multiple projects for me at Vangent-HCM.  These projects included multiple deliverables including design and development of assessments, facilitated learning, web based training and electronic performance support.”

Colin Cohen, former account director, Vangent, Inc

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