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Project Management Consulting and PMO Outsourcing
Could you use a little BKPM control and precision and not know where to turn?

General, Healthcare, and Information Technology Consulting
Tony Gruebl 410.235.3600 108

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Are you looking for people with specific capabilities?  Don’t play the placement law of averages with companies who don’t properly vet their candidates.  You’ll find only the best here.

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Have you heard about our team and think you’re one of the elite?  Awesome, try out and see if we think you are that good too.

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Professional Development

According to PMI only 35% of PMOs offer any type of project management methodology to make their PM perform better. This makes BKPM one of the strongest assets in helping good PMs become great PMs (ie, BKPMs).

Jeff Welch 410.235.3600 109


Not sure where you might fit in?  Contact HR and we’ll help you figure it out.

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Have a question involving Think’s accounting department?

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Think’s primary business office in Baltimore:

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Our team members and partners span numerous states across the country. We routinely service clients nationally (and occasionally internationally) in Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, New England, New York and other states. If this is a general inquiry, please feel free to contact us using the form below.