Think Systems is 100% committed to providing our clients with customized solutions to color dude_olu eluto_unsplashmeet their business needs. At Think we understand that needs may vary due to lots of variables including project-based work, both short- and long-term needs, unique or hard to find skillsets, and just overall difficulty of identifying top talent. Because Think grew up as an organization managing clients’ toughest projects, we’ve worked with and managed just about every IT skillset there is, so we’re putting our experience to work for you, as we determine the best candidate for your role.

Direct Placement Services-

We will spend time with you understanding exactly what you are looking for and making sure that our team is ready to source you the right fit the first time. Finding qualified candidates to fill these crucial openings can be both difficult and time consuming, but here at Think we have already screened the best talent in the market, even those who are passively seeking opportunities, so we are ready to start a qualified search for you today.

Contract Employment/ Staff Augmentation-

Think Systems takes the time to fully understand our clients’ culture, work environments, and what they are trying to accomplish through bringing on a contractor. Whether it is a long-term or short-term project, you can rely on Think to provide you with top talent, with no obligation to you or to the contractor when the project or contract has been completed.

Contract to Hire-

Think Systems prides itself on our unique and very extensive screening process, which allows us to provide our clients with the best possible talent. Our contract to hire solution allows our clients to bring a candidate on board for an agreed upon time, and once that time period has come to an end, you can bring the candidate on with no additional fee. This is a great way to make sure that they will be the best possible fit for the company and culture.

Payrolling Solution-

Think offers our clients another unique way of bringing a candidate on board – Payrolling services. This option would apply to a client who has identified a candidate on their own, but is looking to have Think Systems take care of payrolling and insurance for this individual. Think Systems will hire the candidate who will work as a contractor for the organization for an agreed upon bill rate, ultimately lowering our client’s overall cost.

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